Everyone talks about customer service, but we like to let our customers speak for us.  We are happy to provide a complete customer list and invite you to talk with them about our software, service and support.  If you are tired of the typical automated attendant support tree or unresponsive software vendors, we would like to raise your expectations of what customer service and support means for your company or jurisdiction.

community development

Perconti Data Systems, Inc. has more than 35 years of experience developing community development management solutions. We offer affordable solutions for small, single-user jurisdictions to comprehensive solutions for counties and larger cities with hundreds of users.  Our CD-Plus and Utopia products are known throughout the industry for being extremely user friendly and stable environments.  Our software and developers are praised by users, managers, administration, technology departments, and third party vendors. 
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maintenance and asset management

PDS worked closely with a large firm to redevelop an aging maintenance and asset management program and make it into a full featured, cloud-based platform.  Our software and database development experience has put together a solution that has enabled the customer to take on a tremendous increase in work while managing each project with increased service levels and efficiency.
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